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Do you have the right to claim?

For many years, the Timeshare groups/resorts over-sold and under-delivered to hundreds of thousands of disillusioned customers. Using gifts, prizes (and sometimes alcohol) to lure people into lengthy sales presentations, they sold the dream of exclusive, exotic holidays wherever & whenever you wanted.  They may even have led you to believe that your timeshare "investment" would increase in value and be an asset for your family, with vague promises of buy-back schemes.

Sadly, these promises have turned out to be entirely false and many timeshare owners now find themselves locked into contracts for schemes with poor availability and high, increasing maintenance fees and a long-term liability which they can neither sell nor even give away.

The good news is that, following a series of wide-reaching Court Rulings through 2015, 2016 & early 2017 on the mis-selling of Timeshare schemes, the legal tide has turned firmly away from these property developers in favour of the consumer.  So, whatever your Timeshare company may be telling you, there are more options than ever before to legally get out of unwanted Timeshare contracts and/or to seek compensation.

The range of Legal Precedents that have been set means that many Timeshare contracts (including Points, Upgrades, Trade-ins & Fractional ownerships) were sold illegally from 5th January 1999 onwards.  Where mis-selling can be proven, the Courts now routinely declare such contracts "Null & Void", with the customer released from future fee obligations and often awarded a refund and/or compensation.

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