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Timeshare Disposal

What are my timeshare exit choices?

Our advice is to ask yourself exactly where you are. Take full stock of what you own, particularly bear in mind where you bought it and from whom. Timeshare contracts can be very misleading – in our opinion, they are made deliberately so. Once you have gathered this material seek expert advice from a timeshare relinquishment specialist.

Remember that although you may be approaching them with the best of intentions, timeshare companies won’t always match you open and honest attitude. They make they're leaving from selling timeshare and from, ever increasing, maintenance fees. They probably don’t want you to go.

Your maintenance fees alone could be worth many thousands of pounds added to which timeshare companies see existing members as very likely prospects when it comes to buying a timeshare. They really won’t want you to go.

So timeshare companies will look at you, the existing member, as some time of a cash cow for maintenance fees and very likely prospect for new products – they work on the psychology that uses previous poor decisions often give an unhappy owner a reason to be something new and exciting. This new product often promises to reverse the poor performance of the previous one and get you money back. If you ever been on a timeshare presentation as an existing owner, this will probably sound familiar.

To really get off the timeshare merry-go-round you really need to do two things. The first is to not, under any circumstances, attend a timeshare presentation and the second is to seek advice from a UK based company with a proven track record of not only relinquishing timeshare contracts but also of gaining the timeshare owner well-deserved compensation – if applicable.

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So, to get a truly unbiased view of your options, based on your specific timeshare contract, history and personal circumstances, please complete this short form or call one of our expert advisors now on 02038 082994.

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