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Timeshare Relinquishment and Companies that promise it

There would seem to be a new industry with outlets all over the UK and Spain. This new industry promises much but often fails to deliver. It often tries to lure its clients to exotic destinations where it reveals itself to be the very opposite of the thing it claims to be. We are talking of course about the Timeshare Relinquishment business.

This industry has emerged, in no small part, to deal with the heartbreak and broken promises of the timeshare industry. Strangely enough, it has many of the old timeshare faces and styles of selling attached to it.

It really is a minefield for the timeshare owner simply wishing to leave timeshare. People willing to pay good money for a final, once and for all, termination of the wanted timeshare weeks.

We can’t definitively tell you whether a company is good or bad, we have had dealings with many that are terrible and some that are first rate. Below we share with you some tips for finding the common pitfalls.

Where is the company based and what is its history?

When doing your research on a prospective company ask yourself some of the following questions: how long has the company been trading, are they UK based, can they provide testimonials from happy customers, do they use a UK law firm, have they got access to external or in-house lawyers?

Another good test is do they have permanent premises or are they inviting you to a hotel suite or a short-term suite of rented offices? Talking to them on the phone do they seem knowledgeable and friendly? Or are they pushy and too eager to book an appointment?

Ask them to provide proof of recent terminations and details of their legal partners.

Another big red flag, do they ask for a deposit to book an appointment if so we advise looking elsewhere.

Companies that invite you for a consultation and they try and sell you a timeshare product

We can categorically state, that we have never heard of a reputable disposal company that sells a holiday product as part of its relinquishment process. If you are asked to do this you must politely terminate the meeting and leave.

To buy another product to leave timeshare is totally and utterly unacceptable. If you are asked to do this you are in effect being put further into the murky world of timeshare ownership. A rule of thumb, if you hear mentioned the words Leisure Credits or Holiday Points, it’s time to leave.

Following on from this, the vast bulk of timeshare can be terminated in the UK, there really is no need to go overseas to dispose of a timeshare. If you are pressured into attending an overseas presentation, perhaps under the guise of sales patter that goes something like this ‘As you bought the weeks in Spain, you must go to Spain to relinquish it.’ This, for the most part, is untrue.

Be clear when seeking to dispose of a timeshare one should deal with a UK company if you live in the UK or are a UK or European citizen.

What are they offering?

Does the company seem to have a range of tactics and solutions? Does the company seem professional and knowledgeable about your circumstances? Does the advice seem sound and grounded in reasonable assumptions? It is amazing how many people once home ask themselves: ‘How could I have fallen for that?’

A serious company will listen to your case and offer a variety of courses of action. A less than reputable one will pressurise you into a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

A final thought

Give some deep thought when it comes to finding a timeshare relinquishment company. Seek information on the company you intend to use. Talk to them, gauge how civilly they treat your initial inquiry and do research on cases they have successfully dealt with.

If you have any questions on any aspect of the above then call us on 02038 082994.

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