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Contract Termination

Your Exit Options

At Timeshare Help Centre our priority is to help those unfortunate enough to be caught in the pernicious timeshare trap. We can offer a wide range of advice on a wide range of timeshare matters. If you finally have reached the end of the line with your timeshare ownership we can also put you in contact with specialist timeshare relinquishment practitioners.

We act as an independent advice centre and have helped timeshare owners and holiday club members with a variety of timeshare issues.

We have helped advise a growing number of unhappy timeshare owners a leave a large number of resorts in the UK, Europe and further afield. If you own in any of the resorts listed below we can certainly help:

  • Silverpoint
  • Club la Costa
  • Resort Properties
  • Marriott
  • Diamond Resorts
  • Macdonald Resorts UK

People will understand that despite promises otherwise, the re-selling a timeshare is impossible – excluding £1 giveaways on Ebay. At point of sale timeshare companies will tell you that you are buying a saleable, appreciating asset. Experience has shown many thousands of timeshare owners that this is certainly not the case.

Timeshare is, in fact, a liability, yearly maintenance fees and contracts that tie an owner in for life; in some cases of contracts in perpetuity run after their owner’s death, passing the liability to future generations.

With maintenance fees rising in excess of inflation the unfortunate timeshare owner can look to see their maintenance fees double, on average every 7 years. When looking at average maintenance payments of over a thousand pounds it is easy to see why timeshare companies don’t like saying goodbye to owners.

There is, however, a silver lining within the cloud of timeshare ownership, the growing desire of some timeshare companies to let members walk away. But why would they do this given what we know about their healthy maintenance fee income?

The answer is simple, relinquishment is possible with most timeshares and many timeshare companies are not only having to take back their weeks, but also favourable rulings and new legislation, especially under the Consumer Credit banner, has led to hefty compensation payments being made to clients.

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Purely leaving your timeshare might not be all you have to gain, getting compensation might also be a likelihood. Obviously, this depends on what and where you own and also when you actually bought. Certainly, those buying after 1999 have a good claim under certain legislation and those buying in the last 6 years are also in a strong position – this also includes upgrades and trade-ins, as well as being moved from one product to another, within the same organisation.

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