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Supreme Court Legal Rulings in Favor of Timeshare Owners

Timeshare has in recent years developed a very bad name for itself. From extortionate maintenance fees to resale scams, timeshare owners have often been victims of those looking to make easy money.

When owners try to leave, however, they more often than not find that they are tied into an in perpetuity contract. This means that the contract never ends, and can even be passed on to the owner’s children. To complicate matters further, many owners were sold floating weeks. These have now been legally ruled null and void, leaving these people with nothing.

Yet another dishonest practice is the use of fractional ownership. As a way to rebrand the damaged name of timeshare, resorts started selling properties to multiple owners, calling it fractional ownership. Fractional ownership still has all the pitfalls of a traditional timeshare.

Here at the Timeshare Help Centre, we are different. We are completely independent and offer impartial advice, allowing you to choose the best option from a huge range of reputable companies.

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